Usability Report – Women’s Fashion Product Pages

25 Sep


We carried out a heuristic evaluation of leading women’s fashion retail websites, to rank them in terms of usability. We judged 30 product pages to see how they compared against our 66 point usability scoring system.

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9 questions to ask your usability testing supplier

12 Sep

9 questions to as your usability testing supplier

Choosing a supplier you like and trust can take a lot of time and effort. Especially when a lot of potential suppliers all seem to say the same things. With the wealth of UX agencies in the digital industry, it can be difficult to work out which of them regularly conduct usability tests, and which do them occasionally. We’ve seen a lot of people say they do usability testing, only to find that they did it once, three years ago.

Of course we’d like you to choose us as your usability testing agency, but we understand that you’ll probably be shopping around before deciding which company to work with. So we put together these questions to help you assess whether you are talking to a high quality experienced usability company or not.
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How Fat Face increased ecommerce sales by 39%

27 Aug

How Fat Face increased ecommerce sales by 39%

Fat Face have recently hit the headlines declaring a 39% increase in ecommerce sales, following the relaunch of their website. We were intrigued to find out what had changed to trigger such an increase in sales, so we carried out a brief usability review. Although we would always champion usability testing as the only true test of user experience, we wanted to share with you some of the things we like about the Fat Face website.
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5 beautifully designed ecommerce sites that entice shoppers to buy

6 Aug

5 beautifully designed ecommerce sites that entice shoppers to buy

The temptation for many ecommerce websites is to simply follow convention by creating a site using a familiar design approach. Whilst we certainly wouldn’t advocate throwing away a tried and trusted ecommerce formula, we wanted to share some examples of how you can break convention and deliver an innovative and stylish shopping experience.

The five examples we have shared in this article utilise beautiful design and subtle but innovative interactions to enhance the user experience. We’ve broken down the core user journey from the landing page through to the checkout and provided example videos demonstrating an unconventional approach.
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5 ways to increase online donations – Free eBook

15 Jul

5 ways to increase online donations

We have put together a free ebook to help non-profit organisations increase online donations. Having spent over 100 hours studying users performing usability tests on non-profit websites, we have a wealth of useful insights to share. This guide outlines small changes that can be made to charity websites, which will encourage a user to donate. It also outlines what is likely to make a customer abandon their donation.

In this post we provide a snippet from the book. You can read Chapter 1 below and then simply Pay with a Tweet to download the full eBook.
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Lunchtime Learning – Don’t listen to users, sample their experience

4 Jul

Experience Sampling

It’s that time again – grab your sandwich and take a look at this presentation by Tomer Sharon (@tsharon) from Google. Tomer shares a ‘strategic research technique to uncover user needs’, at LeanUX Researchapaloozafest


User behaviour

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The Power of Perceived Usability – Why Good Graphic Design is Essential

25 Jun

The Power of Perceived Usability – Why Good Graphic Design is Essential

Attend any business development or marketing seminar and you’ll hear the term ‘perception is reality’. This refers to the general principle that what the customer perceives about your business, website, product, etc., is effectively what it is. No matter how you present your product as ecologically sound, your staff as friendly, your business practise as ethical; if customers perceive it differently, then the image you wish to present is an illusion. The only thing that matters is what customers perceive to be true.

This is why companies like McDonalds spend millions of pounds investing in various sports programmes, why they sponsor healthy eating initiatives, and why they advertise salads and wraps over their more popular but less healthy alternatives. McDonalds know that customers perceive them as unhealthy, so they are trying to change customer perceptions. Is it working? Ask around, what do people you know perceive about McDonalds? That will give you the reality. Read more

Lunchtime Learning – UX is not just design, it’s the key to innovation and growth

18 Jun

Jesse James Garrett

Jesse James Garrett (@jjg) is interviewed by Brian Solis (@briansolis) about the evolution of UX and its role in the future of business. Jesse believes there is a great opportunity to bring product teams and customer care teams together, by using UX to encourage a ‘collective understanding of the customer’.

User experience

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