Top customer experience blogs we’ve been reading lately

27 Aug

top customer experience blogs

Let us introduce you to some of the top customer experience blogs we’ve been reading lately.

We’ve found some inspiring stuff here in the past couple of months so we thought it was only fair to share with you. Here’s what we’ve been enjoying in no particular order:


Work. Play. Experience.
What theatre, film and stand-up comedy can teach us about Impressing Customers


Church of the customer
A blog all about the power of creating customer evangelists


Buzz Canuck
What’s on and under the radar of word of mouth marketing


The Perfect Customer Experience
Customer experience marketing, marketplace conversations, social media and demand generation


Experience Matters
Unraveling The Mystery Of Customer Loyalty


How to turn businesses into great customer experiences



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Damian Rees

About Damian Rees

Damian has worked as a usability and user experience consultant for over 13 years. He has worked in senior roles within companies like the BBC and National Air Traffic Services where he has researched and designed for users in a variety of different contexts including web applications, voice recognition, and air traffic control interfaces. Follow Damian on twitter @damianrees

  • Adam Lawrence

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    I was new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it. See you again soon!


  • Stephanie Weaver

    Hi Damian,
    Thanks for including me in your great blog!

    Stephanie Weaver