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Usability & User Experience is a top career in 2009

19 Dec

Usability & User Experience is a top career in 2009

Usability & User Experience is a top career in 2009

The role of Usability Experience Specialist was selected as one of the top careers in 2009 according to the US News website. The article details the typical duties for someone responsible for user experience and usability.

Although we’re not too sure about that job title, we’d have to agree that making products and services easy to use is extremely rewarding, and it’s nice to see the user experience role is beginning to create more media attention than it has been used to in the past. It’s not surprising that there’s more attention on improving experience as more and more customers are demanding great quality customer experience as well as great quality products. We predict that the demand for usability and user experience will increase even more in 2009.

Is the user experience offered by your products and services ready to meet higher customer expectations in 2009?

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