What’s on your bookshelf?

7 Nov

Here at Experience Solutions we love our books. We like to keep a couple of shelves well stocked with books, new and old, that we can turn to for inspiration in any aspect of our world. Our shelves are full of advice whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. Usability and user experience are the common topics, and come in many forms. Business development, self-improvement, finances. We’ve got it covered somewhere. Conversion rate optimisation is influenced by knowledge from all these books (and more). There is nothing better than on the job training, but a good book helps you to understand from the beginning, and refine when you get to the top.


What's on your bookshelf?

Recently we came across this great article by Shane Snow called “You are what you read: 14 thought leaders share their bookshelves”, who invited friends and people he admired to send him photographs of their bookshelves. Shane then extended the invite to Thought Leaders. Here at Experience Solutions we found this fascinating to see what people choose to read to inspire them. As a result we snapped a couple of shots of our book shelves and asked a couple of our fellow digital friends to share their bookshelves too. Enjoy!
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Why unsubscribing from newsletters should be pain free

1 Nov

Why unsubscribing from newsletters should be pain free

Photo credit: zieak via photopin cc

Every now and then I suddenly remember that I can unsubscribe from newsletters and emails. It’s a revelation “Oh wait! I don’t have to keep deleting all of these emails I don’t want to read – I can unsubscribe”. It should be a simple process; yet unsubscribing can be a minefield. Some companies do it fantastically – you hit that button and you are done, phew. Others insist you login or require you to manually go through deselecting areas of interest.
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3 ways to stop driving customers crazy with online quote forms

16 Oct

3 ways to stop driving customers crazy with online quote forms
a n i. Y. via photopin cc

Stop driving your customers crazy by forcing them to fill in endless forms before they’ve had a chance to decide what they need. As a financial services provider, if you are doing this it’s likely you are missing out on conversions. Why? Because customers don’t always understand which product they need, there are often complex concepts they need to digest in order to make a decision and they are being bombarded with difficult questions that they hadn’t even considered!
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How the three little pigs can help convey the importance of user experience

27 Aug

Three little pigs

 Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurenceshan/139735219/


Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there were three little pigs that needed to build a house. It was really important for the three little pigs that their new house was safe as they’d had some bother with a nasty old wolf.

“I think we should build the house out of straw” said the first little piggy “It’s cheap and we can put the house together quickly – which will keep out the big bad wolf.”

The second little piggy wasn’t so sure.
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Rethinking UX: A must have ebook

19 Aug

Rethinking UX ebook cover


At the beginning of the year we wrote an article on improving your website usability tests for Smashing Magazine. So we were delighted when we found out they wanted to include our article in their new ebook ‘Rethinking UX’. The book is packed full of advice from the top thinkers and leaders in the industry and provides practical advice based on personal experiences of the experts.
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Stop waiting for the perfect time to run usability tests

30 Jul

No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers


“Perfectionism is the enemy of progress”. This is a quote I’ve found to be very true throughout my life. Whenever I hear it or read it, I remember to stop trying to do everything perfectly and focus on getting things done once they are good enough. Once I start focusing on good enough, my to do list shortens, I’m meeting deadlines, and generally feeling like I’m getting somewhere again. So when I see clients doing the same thing I try to encourage them to focus on progress rather than perfection.
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Think little and often when assigning your UX budget

24 Apr

Allocating UX budgets


Many clients get in touch with us when they have a big project for us to work on. They might want us to usability test an entire website, redesign a website, or design a new app. Whatever the project, they seem to have a one off large chunk of budget assigned to UX which they are intent on ‘blowing’ in one go. Whilst there are occasions when this is needed, we find that the little and often approach is much more beneficial to the long term usability of a product. But it does take a mind-set shift within the organisation.
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Explaining what user experience is & why it is important

18 Dec

What I do - explaining user experience

I still don’t know what to say when people ask me what I do. After 13 years of being in the user experience profession I should have a standard response by now. But I either over complicate it by explaining in detail what I do, or I over simplify with “I’m a design consultant”, “I do market research” or” I’m in web design”. Recently I’ve tried explaining that I help companies design products that look great, work well and fit users needs but I still get that vacant expression in response.

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