Information Architecture

The structure of a website might be less exciting than design, but its no less important. The organisation of categories, the design of the navigation, the labelling and terminology all has a huge affect on how findable information is. It's so important to get right that we never guess when creating an information architecture.

Information Architecture

User Journey Mapping

Reviewing users existing journeys to reach their goals on your website and your competitors' websites allows us to fully evaluate the experience users currently receive. We use these to design quicker and easier pathways for users to reach their goals.

Card Sorting

Using index cards or sticky notes we get users to organise and label information. This creates an understanding of how users see the information and helps us to understand which categories and labels to use when structuring the experience.

Structure & Navigation Design

Designing the overall structure of information and the navigation strategy is a critical stage in the design of easy to use websites and applications. Once the stucture is organised we then involve users again to validate it before moving to detailed page level interaction.

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