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Usability testing is the only way you can see and hear how easy it is for users to interact with your website. Our clients have found that online tools only give them a partial understanding of user experience. Our approach to usability testing will move you to the next level of user insight.

How usability testing can help you

  • Convert more visitors to customers, subscribers, or applicants
  • Optimise the pages which are critical to users making a decision
  • Improve navigation and simplify the choices users need to make
  • Reduce bounce rates and common exit points in the user journey
  • Understand the real reasons why users leave your site

Companies we've conducted usability tests for

Our Usability Testing Clients

Our approach to usability testing

  • We'll work closely with your team to custom design your usability test
  • We recruit members of your target audience to attend the tests
  • We facilitate 1 to 1 usability testing sessions
  • Your team can observe the tests live at our specialist labs around the UK
  • We then analyse the findings and identify how to fix the issues we uncovered
  • We provide a full report with high, medium, and low priority recommendations
  • We then run an implementation plan workshop with your team

What you see when observing a usability testing session

Usability Testing quote from Toshiba

Sample Usability Testing Video


Usability Testing quote from LV

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