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Usability Testing

Experience Solutions employ expert user experience consultants and have been conducting usability tests for over ten years. In that time we've helped our clients increase their conversion rates, improve sales and get more customers.

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Usability statisticHow we can help you

With our experienced consultants and specialist usability testing labs, we can help you improve your website or app and make recommendations based on evidence from user research to improve the usability of your website. If you need help improving conversion rates or sales, get more customers using your site or improving your brand perception, we can help you.



Our London Usability LabOur approach to usability testing

We'll work closely with your team to design a test that meets your business objectives. We'll recruit your target audience and facilitate 1 to 1 user testing sessions with live viewing at our specialist usability testing labs. Then we report our findings and make recommendations for immediate improvement.



What you will get

Within a week of testing we will provide you with a detailed usability improvement plan (about 20 - 30 pages) highlighting the key issues users faced on your website with recommendations on how to solve them. We will also send you the full length videos of the tests or a highlight reel for you to use in presentations. Download our sample report



Our Usability Testing ClientsClients we've done usability testing for

We conduct usability tests every week for a wide variety of client websites, apps, and software. Here is a sample of our most recognisable clients. Our usability testing case study explains how we helped the Financial Times improve their iPad app.



How much does user testing cost?How much does user testing cost?

The price of usability tests depends on a number of factors, but we pride ourselves in adapting our projects to meet our clients' needs. We've worked with major brands as well as smaller brands with lower budgets. A typical 1 to 1 usability test is between £4k and £6k but our usability solutions start from as little as £995.

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