User Experience (UX) Research

To keep our design solutions simple we focus in on what users really need and desire from the service. Sometimes there's not enough time or budget for thorough user experience research, so most projects go wrong by doing no research at all. We always use some form of user feedback to guide our design work, but as every project is unique we select the right tool for the job from informal testing, online tools and traditional market research.

User Experience Research

Usability Testing

To architect an effective solution, you must first fully understand the problem. Usability testing is a highly effective way to isolate the barriers preventing users from completing their goals effectively and efficiently. We run face to face and online usability tests with the target audience to observe real user behaviour.

Focus Groups

Listening to a group of likeminded customers discuss the experiences they have had with digital services can offer useful insights into how to re-shape the experience to be more rewarding for users. We sometimes use focus groups at the early stages of a project to help clarify and define user requirements.

Depth Interviews & Diary Studies

More traditional market research tools are relied on for specific projects. As each project is unique we'll select the right research tool for the project, and design the research to ask the right questions to get to the core issues.

User Surveys & Online Tools

There are a wealth of online user reserach tools available. We know which tools to select at which phases of the project. We often use surveys and online tools in combination with the more robust research methods as a check and balance.

User Profiling

We draw up user profiles which identify common user goals. We base our profiles on talking with users and on workshops with your internal team to pool together all our user knowledge in one place. Once the users are clearly defined we can then assess their current experience.

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