User Interface (UI) Design

Our UI design solutions ensure every point the user interacts with the digital service, they find it intuitive and easy to reach their goal. All our solutions are carefully designed, tested, and refined with regular user feedback until we're confident they are as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

UI Design


Each page is created in wireframe format to ensure its flow and structure is focused on helping users reach their goals. We often gather user feedback at this stage to ensure the foundation of the experience is right.

Interaction design

We focus on the detail of the user interface to make sure each drop down menu, each image, and every checkbox absolutely needs to be there. We ensure the layout is free from clutter, focused on the user goal and flows intuitively.

Prototype testing

Once we have worked on each page we create a working prototype to demonstrate to clients. But more importantly the prototypes allow us to test them with users and refine the designs until we are confident they work well.

Visual design

Finally, we work on the visual design layer. The wireframes and prototypes ensure the structure is correct, but the visual design is critical in communicating to users. Once concept designs have been created we get further user feedback to guide rest of the page level design work.

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